Welcome to fuselier.us

This is the Fuselier Family site.

Father Michael S Fuselier

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Welcome to Fuselier.us

If your last name is “Fuselier” or even “Fusilier” please drop us a line and say hi. We’d love to meet, “so to speak!”

This website was regisered by Michael A Fuselier as a way to preserve my last name on the Internet, and offer any other “Fuselier’s or Fusilier’s” a chance at the same.

Of course there may be other things we can do together once we get to know each other.

I’m always looking for talented “tech” help with one of my many “ministry and/or business ideas. 

Jesus “Loving” Freak & Louisiana Veteran
Michael A Fuselier

white ceramic mug on table

The Whole Team – It’s just little ole me!

Do you work with an awesome team? Of course you want to introduce them to your visitors.

Michael A Fuselier

Techie want-a-be & Nerd at heart with a little adventurous “skydiving” side to boot!


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